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DBB – Difference between fire safe approved and fire safe by design.

“Fire Safe Approved” vs. “Fire Safe by Design”

During the last years I recognized, that people sometimes talk about “Fire Safe by Design“. When I was coming across this the first time, I wondered about the meaning of this in detail – Just using metal to metal sealing, graphite sealing or graphite packing?

“Fire safe by Design” is widely used, but to my knowledge there is no common or firm description or rules limiting or qualifying the use of this concept.

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DBB - Functionality of DBB to protect workers and environment, infographic.

DBB Valve Explained

I’m facing very often the situation where customers don’t understand the concept/purpose of the DBB functionality. Here is a simple infographic to explain one of the basic applications to protect the workers and the environment.

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AOG exhibition - Learn more about DBB and instrumentation products.

AOG Exhibition 2017: The future is coming fast

This February I had the opportunity to visit the Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition 2017 in Perth. AOG is the largest O&G exhibition in Australia and celebrated its 36th anniversary. Large numbers of industry zones, conferences and networking events and some of the latest innovations and products are exhibited here by global participants.

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