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Compact DDB Valves for Modular Plant Systems

Years ago, I was involved in a project called “containerized” water treatment (Reverse Osmosis) plant and “containerized” sewage treatment plant for a remote residential community. I asked myself, how could a plant be so small and compact that it all fit in a 20ft or a 40ft container? Welcome to the world of Modular Plant Systems.

A trend that requires innovative piping components

Construction of modularized plant system has become a popular choice of design. Esspecially in heavy process industries common to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Sector. Generally, such modularizations are used for compact steel frameworks commonly called “skids”. For example when equipment, vessels, piping, valves, instrumentation and electrical/controls are mounted. A complete system may comprise a single skid or a number of skids to form a bigger and sophisticated processing system.

That modules are used for constructions in a conventional fix-installed plant. They find their application in filtration packages, gas treatments or sweetening packages. But they are also used for gas regenerations and chemical injection skid packages.

Pre-assembled moduls

With the new trend, the plant system will be constructed in different modules. That single moduls are usually manufactured or assembled away from the site. Afterwards they will be transported and integrated together at site. This type of design allow a high-quality, safe and faster installation/construction at site.

Less-weight and space-saving solutions

The new design presuppose that single components are of high quality and less-weight. But also a space-saving construction is of prime importance for the plant owners, operators and contractors. Esspecially when they are involved in a massive project. When it comes to process isolation an Integral Double Block and Bleed Valves is always the most convenient solution.

When using a conventional installation you always need two valves. The Compact DBB Valves require only one single valve. This results in reduced weight. If the end-user has 10 different DBB Valve installations, using Compact DBB Valves would eliminate over 20,000 extra pounds of weight. And you also benefit from increasing profits because of minimized shut down time.

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