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DBB valves with pressure relief hole or self-venting valve seats.

3 mm are crucial to avoid overpressure

Pipelines that transport oil and gas over long distances often pass through rough environments. They are exposed to temperature variations and other weather influences. To ensure that the distribution of liquids and gases functions smoothly and that the medium does not escape, the technology must meet the highest quality standards.

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DBB - Valve torque requirements for a safe process application.

Torque is more than meets the eye

When considering the torque values to operate the valve, one must consider how much torque is required to fully open and fully close the valve. If the valve gets stuck in mid function of opening or closing the valve a safety factor must also be considered sizing the actuator.

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DBB - Paradoxon of dual certified material 316 and 316L.

The Paradoxon of Dual Certified Material 316 / 316L

When I started my career as a valve engineer, one of the first lessons were: Which materials are used for valve components. Didn`t know too much about the details of the different materials, for me, the most strange material at that times was the 316 Series.

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DBB - Manufactoring compact valves for oil and gas industry.

Compact DDB Valves for Modular Plant Systems

Construction of modularized plant system has become a popular choice of design in heavy process industries like the Oil/Gas and Petrochemical Sector. Modularization is where equipment, vessels, piping, valves, instrumentation and electrical/controls are mounted on a compact steel framework, commonly called “skids”.

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DBB - Valve manufactoring according to customer specifications.

Importance of design flexibility for complex requirements

Valve customization is adapting to customers’ needs in regards to changing body materials, port connections, testing requirements, and various combinations of different assembly types. Being open to different design ideas, and accepting the challenge the customer set forth. As a valve manufacturer we strive to impress our customers with our many years of experience in building valves. Every day we continue to receive new design request from our customers for complex requirements. Since we have over 140 years in customizing valves experience, our customer can trust that we are experts in the industry.

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