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DBB – Challenges and trends in the oil and gas industry.

[Interview] Challenges and Trends in the Oil & Gas Industry

Interview: Frans Martens, Industry Expert, reports on the develompent of the Oil & Gas Industry. Frans has 35 years of experience in both the upstream and well as the downstream parts of a major oil and gas company, working in the Netherlands, Germany and Oman. His knowledge and experience cover field devices, telemetry, process control systems and final elements such as control valves and actuators for on/off valves. Frans has been involved in standardization work, vendor and product acceptance work, the development and delivery of training courses. As of January 2017, Frans is self-employed as an independent consultant to the industry. Frans holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and telecommunication.

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DBB - Safe solution couse valve meet the face-to-face requirements of ASME B16.10.

Improve Safety – Upgrade to DBB Valves

It is very easy to upgrade your existing Single Isolate Ball Valve installation. Simply use a DBB with Face-to-Face and End-to-End dimensions acc. to ASME B16.10.

Use a DBB Dual Ball Design improve Safety and Process Reliability. Here is a simple infographic to illustrate the interchangeability using ASME B16.10 dimensions:

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DBB - Profit from German engineering, technology, testing, manufactoring and assembly.

The most important facts of an own Valve Test Center

When I think back 20 years, I nearly cannot imagine how we were able to provide such high quality valves without the means of testing them in such an extensive way like we do this today.

I remember very well the time, when I started at AS-Schneider as a design engineer. Fire Safe Approvals and Fugitive Emission Testing (TA-Luft) had to be done outside the company on a third party test rig. There was no chance to do a pre-testing and it was always very exciting when the third party like TÜV was witnessing the tests. Well, most of the approvals were passed successfully, but I also remember some Type approvals were we failed at the first stage. The disappointment was great and we lost time with the re-design and the second try.

Today we are very glad to operate our TechCenter with 2 Fire Safe test rigs, a fully automated valve test bench, a climate chamber, etc. Once we started our TechCenter, it was so exciting for us to learn what our valves are able to withstand and where they have their limits.

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DBB - Position of levers can influence the usability of DBB valves.

How the position of levers can influence the usability of DBB Valves

Several Ball Valve basic designs are common and therefore a lot of different solutions are available on the market. Especially the position / orientation of the levers have an enormous influence on the usability of the valve, when used in horizontal installations. The following pictures are showing two different options.

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DBB - Difference between full bore valves and reduced bore valves, chart.

What does Full Bore stand for?

There has always been a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to Full Bore and Reduced Bore terminology. Let me try to explain some interesting facts. For example, DBB Valves are developed mainly for the use in the Oil and Gas sector. In this industry, the relevant design standards are ….

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