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Have you ever heard the term “containerized” in the context when building a new plant?

Welcome to the world of Modular Plant Systems. Construction of modularized plant system has become a popular choice of design. Especially in heavy process industries common to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Sector. Generally, such modularizations are used for compact steel frameworks commonly called “skids”. For example when equipment, vessels, piping, valves, instrumentation and electrical/controls are mounted. A complete system may comprise a single skid or a number of skids to form a bigger and sophisticated processing system.

Weight saving – eliminate over 20,000 extra pounds of weight

That kind of construction requires less-weight and space-saving valve solutions such as the Compact DBB Valves. They require only one single valve in relation to a conventional installation where you always need two valves. This results in reduced weight. If the end-user has 10 different DBB Valve installations, using Compact DBB Valves would eliminate over 20,000 extra pounds of weight. And you also benefit from increasing profits because of minimized shut down time.

Learn more about compact DBB Valves for your next “containerized” project.