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For easily integration into the global and digital industrial infrastructure of the future.

Digital Valve Plate

The so-called Digital Valve Plate for valves and manifolds is one of AS-Schneider’s digital valve solutions. The Digital Valve Plate is fully compatible with the DIN SPEC 91406/IEC 61406 standard.

The E Series Valves and Manifolds, Monoflanges, VariAS-Blocks and DBB Piping Ball Valves are marked with a unique QR code. The user can scan this or enter the individual serial number at That QR code provides easy access to static product information like technical specification, activity – specific docs, individual drawings, certificates, and spare parts.

Maintenance man next to pipeline scan digital product pass of a DBB valve.


Convince yourself of the Digital Valve Plate for valves and manifolds and how easy you can get access to static product information:

Integration with cloud-based
information exchange platform

Integration with cloud-based information exchange platform

Integration with cloud-based
information exchange platform

AS-Schneider has also been a member of the Digital Data Chain Consortium for some time in order to provide our customers with an even better harmonized portfolio of Digital Valve Solutions.

Since the beginning of 2024, we have taken our Technical Service Platform “Digital Valve Plate” to the next level by norming the data according to VDI 2770. The next step ist to provide the data package via 3rd platform – so-called cloud-based information exchange platform.

Process illustration of cloud-based information exchange platform acc. to VDI2770.

Classification of manufacturer information as per VDI 2770

Get more insights on the topic “Identification of devices
with unique IDs – DIN SPEC 91406/IEC 61406 and VDI 2770“
in our article:

Digital Valve Kit

In addition to the static Digital Valve Plate, AS-Schneider is currently working on a dynamic solution to sense or capture data, the so-called Digital Valve Kit.

The DVK provides plant operators with remote access, remote control and all alerts on the current health status of their valves. Thus, they can react in time and take appropriate measures at an early stage.

Process safety

System reliability

Meets relevant standards

Cost saving solution

Planning reliability

Reduced shutdown time

Maintenance man use digital valve kit to check health status of the DBB valve assemblied on pipe.